Thursday, October 19, 2017

Spain and the Catalan Crisis by Dr Andrew Dowling

The Dr Andrew Dowling lecture shows the strengths and weaknesses of the Catalan national movement particularly its weakness in the working class unlike Scotland where the working class is more strongly represented in the national movement - it shows while the CUP  has working class support there is much work to be done to strengthen working class position in national movement and particularly in its leadership - the hesitancy of the bourgeois leadership of the Catalan Independence Movement  is self evident and the working class forces like CUP may be too weak to seize direction of the national movement hence Dr Andrew Dowling's conclusion that the Catalan National Movement lacks the strength to break with Spain at this moment in time.

Dr Andrew Dowling (School of Modern Languages, Cardiff University) is a specialist on modern and contemporary Catalonia and is the author of The Rise of Catalan Independence: Spain’s Territorial Crisis published by Routledge in December 2017. He has previously written Reconstructing the Nation: Catalonia since the Spanish Civil War (Sussex Academic Press, 2012), as well as numerous academic articles

                     Can the working class give direction to the national movement in Catalonia ?

Spanish government will meet on Saturday to trigger article 155, withdrawing Catalonia's right to self-governance

Statement in Catalan and Spanish of Solidarity with struggle in Catalonia

"L'organització Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr de Gal•les afirma que la lluita catalana és bàsicament una lluita per la democràcia contra un Estat espanyol burgès corrupte, que ha pres una forma nacional a Catalunya.

No obstant això, el lideratge nacionalista català busca subordinar a Catalunya a una Brussel•les corrupta i a la Unió Europea, no és l'alliberament nacional, sinó un simple reajustament entre els burgesos nacionals de l'Estat espanyol i d'Europa.

L'Esquerra Revolucionària de Catalunya s´ha d'oposar tant al corrupte Estat espanyol com a la corrupta Unió Europa, l'OTAN i elevar a la classe obrera al lideratge polític de la lluita nacional per la democràcia a Catalunya. La classe obrera ha de guanyar la direcció de l'alliberament nacional.
Suport a la declaració unilateral d'independència de Catalunya.


La organización Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr de Gales afirma que la lucha catalana es básicamente una lucha por la democracia contra un Estado español burgués corrupto, que ha tomado una forma nacional en Cataluña.

Sin embargo, el liderazgo nacionalista catalán busca subordinar a Cataluña a una Bruselas corrupta y a la Unión Europea, no es la liberación nacional, sino un simple reajuste entre los burgueses nacionales del Estado español y de Europa.

La Izquierda Revolucionaria de Cataluña debe oponerse tanto al corrupto Estado español como a la corrupta Unión Europa, la OTAN y elevar a la clase obrera al liderazgo político de la lucha nacional por la democracia en Cataluña. La clase obrera debe ganar la dirección de la liberación nacional.
Apoyo a la declaración unilateral de independencia de Catalunya.

Socialism and Independence

Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr in Wales says the Catalan struggle is basically a struggle for democracy against a corrupt bourgeois Spanish State which has taken a national form in Catalonia.

However the bourgeois nationalist Catalan leadership seeks to subordinate Catalonia to a corrupt Brussels and the European Union - this is  not national liberation but a readjustment among the national bourgeois in the Spanish State and Europe.

The Revolutionary Left in Catalonia should oppose both the corrupt Spanish State and the corrupt European Union and NATO and elevate the working class to political leadership of the national struggle for democracy in Catalonia - the working class should win the direction of national liberation.

Support a unilateral declaration of independence


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Catalonia - The Final Countdown

Slain Maltese Journalist Had Powerful Enemies

Ken Mifsud Bonnici, a legal adviser to the European Commission, wrote that Malta was facing a “veritable collapse of the rule of law”.

At the root of the problem, he argued, was a constitution (bequeathed by Britain, Malta’s former colonial ruler) that hands vast powers to the executive, without the checks normal in a democracy. For example, only the police, who answer to political authorities, have the power to initiate investigations, “so police investigations against the government or without its consent are impossible”.

On May 7th, the Sunday Times of Malta reported that the island’s financial watchdog had told the police it had a “reasonable suspicion” that the prime minister’s right-hand man, Keith Schembri, had been involved in money-laundering. Yet the claim, which Mr Schembri denies, was not investigated, the paper said.

Does any of this matter beyond little Malta? If Mr Mifsud Bonnici is right, it does: whichever party is in office, the island could be used by dubious interests as a private back door into the EU.

The 19th Congress of Communist Party of China - Xi Xingping Speech

Democracy and Class Struggle  says the Primary Stage of Socialism is the name - the self description of Chinese Revisionists of themselves - expanding the market is not the road to socialism as we have shown in our study Marxism Against Market Socialism

The market economy will consume the socialist sector of the economy however many corrupt Tigers you hunt or foxes you trap - Bureaucratic Capitalism and the market are not opposites but twins it is not just corrupt people but the structural corruption of the market economy that undermines the struggle for socialism in China.

The talk of the Chinese Dream can only be realized by Marxism Leninism Maoism not some market hybrid of Deng Xiaoping a bastardized revision of Marxism in the 20th Century which is part of the social democratic and not the communist collectivist tradition for the last 200 years.

It was no accident that Deng Xiaoping flirted with changing the Chinese Communist Party to a social democratic party until stopped by a Party backlash.

The renewed serious study of  Mao Zedong in China is a guarantee that revisionism will be abandoned sooner rather than later in China.We agree with Xi Xingping when he says practice will drive theory - of knowing through doing - but we add the Maoist theory of knowledge - will reveal revisionism is the source of corruption.

One of our intellectual mentors Henry C K Liu stated-

The full impact of Mao's revolutionary spirit is yet to be realized on Chinese society.

A century from now Mao's high minded principles of mass politics will outshine all his neo liberal critics.

The Renewed Marxism that Xi Xingping speaks will be universal  Marxism Leninism Maoism and not just local Mao Zedong Thought which will be relegated to 20th Century history books.

The 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress will see the largest-ever turnover of military elite in the history of the People’s Republic of China

Democracy and Class Struggle says the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress will see the largest-ever turnover of military elite in the history of the People’s Republic of China

1 Security concerns

Beijing Communist Party chief Cai Qi on Wednesday asked the city for "120 percent" effort to ensure safety for the 19th Communist Party congress, the official Beijing Daily said.

"We must hold the line for social control, eliminate all destabilizing factors, hold the line for cyber security and resolutely crack down on political rumors and harmful news," Cai said spoken like a elite confucian communist.


About 83 percent of the military representatives who are full members of the 19th Central Committee will be new, assuming the military maintains the same quota of full members as it did for the 18th Central Committee. 

This would constitute the largest-ever turnover of military elite in the history of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).Most significantly, it appears that only 17 percent (7 out of 41) of military leaders with full membership on the 18th Central Committee will retain their seats.

3 What does this mean ?

Democracy and Class Struggle
have long identified that a strategic United States goal was to bring the Chinese Military more under control of China's new bourgeois class as the PLA was a source of Nationalism and new variants of Maoism - the new Party Congress seems to be achieving that aim under the guise of modernization .

This is not only reflected in military reorganization but also in the new bourgeois policy on North Korea which prioritizes bourgeois monetary trade policies and not Chinese strategic interest in North Asia while purging old comrades who uphold proletarian internationalism rather than bourgeois nationalism.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Free Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez Catalan Political Prisoners Now !

                 GENERAL STRIKE UNTIL
           Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez 

General Barry McCaffrey Trump no longer a rational actor

Gorran calls on KRG to establish interim national government

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region - In the wake of the takeover of Kirkuk by Iraqi army and Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi and the withdrawal of the dominant Kurdish Peshmerga forces in the city, the Change Movement (Gorran) in a statement calls for the dissolution of the Kurdish government institutions and the establishment of a national interim government.

“All of the authority and governing institutions should be dissolved,” urged Gorran, blaming the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) of failing to administer the Region’s apparatus, which included Kirkuk, largely since 2014.

“We are calling for the establishment of a national interim government until holding a fair public election,” Gorran said in the statement.

“It should be reestablished on a healthy national basis," the statement read.

The statement also called on the authorities responsible for what happened in Kirkuk to “resign as they had announced in the media that they will take responsibility for any bad consequences of the referendum.”

It calls for an immediate withdrawal of the Iraqi armed forces which include Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi from Kirkuk city saying holding a referendum cannot justify their attack on the city and violating the achievements and national rights of the Kurds.

Gorran also urges the international community to put an end to this "destructive war" and not allow the Iraqi government to pose threats to the security of people.

Gorran which is largely seen as a major opposition party in the Kurdish political arena accuses the KDP and PUK of endangering “the people, achievements and the future of our nation” due to holding “a short-sighted referendum.”

The Change Movement blames the KDP and PUK, the two Kurdish parties possessing military forces, for any possible problems which may face the people of Kurdistan.

Iraqi forces, which include the US-trained Counter Terrorism Service and the Iranian-backed mainly Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi, began an attack on Peshmerga-controlled areas south and west of Kirkuk on Sunday at midnight. Monday afternoon, Iraqi forces entered the city of Kirkuk and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered Iraqi forces take down the Kurdistan flag in the disputed areas and hoist only the Iraqi banner.

Iraqi forces have taken control of the K-1 military base, Baba Gurgur oil field, the governor's office, the airport, and key infrastructure and roads. 

Thousands of civilians have fled the city, heading towards Erbil and Sulaimani in the Kurdistan Region.

The attack by the Iraqi forces ordered by Abadi follows weeks of punitive measures taken by Baghdad against Kurdistan in response to the September 25 independence referendum that saw 92.7 percent of people voting to leave Iraq, despite Iraqi opposition.

The Iraqi forces spearheaded by the Hashd al-Shaabi also entered Shingal downtown on Tuesday in the course of their advances on the disputed or Kurdistani territories claimed by both Erbil and Baghdad

Why didn't Kurdish Forces Fight Back the Iraqi Invasion​ of Kirkuk?